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Maintaining the tire balance on your vehicle is critical to receiving satisfactory service from your tire investment. In addition to providing a smooth ride, balancing is a key component in tire wear.

Tire balancing compensates for the weight of the tire and wheel assembly after the tire is mounted. A wheel is out of balance when one area is heavier or lighter than the rest. The result? Bouncing or wobbling, which can decrease treadwear, increase vibration and cause stress on your vehicle. The cure? Correction weights are added to counterbalance the tires.

When to Balance

  • A tire is replaced
  • A balance weight is moved or removed
  • You purchase new tires

How Wheels are Balanced

To balance a wheel, your mechanic uses a balancing machine to determine where the heavy spots are. Weights are then attached to the exterior or interior of the wheel to counteract centrifugal forces acting on the heavy areas when the wheel is turning. This will eliminate vertical bouncing and side-to-side wobble

Press & News

21 October 2017

Opened new service center in Shuwaikh.

06 September 2016

Opening new service center in Shuwaikh

01 May 2014

Mostafa Abul Hassan Heirs Tires Co. announce agreement with KUMHO TIRE Co.

01 JULY 2012

Mostafa Abul Hassan Heirs Tires Co. announce automotive window tint and paint protection service.

21 April 2012

ABDUL AZIZ SAUD AL-BABTAIN & SONS CO today announced that local Kuwait dealer Mostafa Abul Hassan Heirs Tires Co. was the number one DUNLOP dealer in the country

01 February 2012

We are glad to be the first company in Kuwait to receive 225/60R18 and 285/65R17 in Chinese origin

01 / JAN / 2012

After receiving high demand from our local customers for sand tires we started importing sand tires, currently we started with two sizes 900-16 PR8 and 900-17 PR8.

01/ OCT /2011

We have just added Tire Repair service to our company

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Mostafa Abul-Hassan Heirs Tires Co. is situated in the industrial area of Fahaheel, a town near Al-Shuaiba oil refinery which is in the south.

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